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Affordable Art Prints.

22. Mai 2016
affordable art prints

I love art. Especially the more affordable art prints. Today I am sharing my top tips on where to buy beautiful & affordable art prints with you.There are numerous places where you can buy beautiful art prints. Whether it is a printed version or an online file that you then can print in any size that you want – the possibilities are endless. Here are a few places that I bought my art prints that I am very happy with – quality and service wise. First up, online art prints, where you will get online jpg files:

1. Etsy ( )

Etsy is the mekka for anything creative, art prints included. But you can easily get a little lost as there is SO many. Be sure to be as specific as possible when you are searching for an art print. I bought numerous art prints from easy, here are the shops that I purchased from:

I. ChicScandinavian )

I bought a few prints from Vera. These are online files that you get the second you buy the item. You then can choose every size that you want your art to get printed. Vera offers a beautiful variety of simple and chic art prints. She also makes custom orders! That’s great if you would like something personalized and individual.

II. Sarah M. Dorsey )

I only purchased one print vom Sarah, the beautiful banana leaf print above my second desk. Sarah was very nice and the online files had a beautiful quality. I then simple got them printed at my Staples nearby.

III. Hannah )

Hannah offers a variety of fun and minimalistic art prints, that will make your place looks super special.

Sometimes printing your own art prints can be a little bit time consuming or you don’t get the exact size that you want or or or. In this case, purchasing actual art prints is a great alternative. But they are a little bit more expensive. Society6 is a great place to order individual and classic prints.

2. Society6 )

Society6 has tons of beautiful prints from different artists. You can almost find anything on there. To check if your chosen prints will look good together or not, I simply will take screenshots of the different shots and then place them on a powerpoint or keynote sheet. This way I easily can see if they look good side by side.

If you want to hang up some beautiful art but don’t have the budget for it, they are still some possibilities left. For example:

3. Pinterest )

Just search for: „free art prints“ and you will get tons and tons of beautiful and free! art prints. Just take your time and look up as many options as you want. And as always: be as specific as you can while searching for art prints.

I hope you enjoyed my tips on where to buy affordable art prints!



affordable art prints affordable art prints affordable art prints



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