DIY Marble And Copper Frames

1. September 2015

My marble obsession continues…this time I am showing you how to make these super easy and cute marble (and copper) frames for your favorite pictures, art work or even favorite quotes!The marble foil I am using is super easy to use and pretty affordable too. I think marble and copper go really well together and look very┬ásleek and elegant. There are endless possibilities on how to create your very own frame and if you are a photo lover like me, you can never have to many ideas on how to make your frames a little bit more special. Enough said, let’s get started.

For the marble frame, you will need:

  • marble foil
  • frame
  • cutter and/or scissors

Simply cut the marble foil to the size of your outer frame, paste it on and with the cutter remove and extra foil. That is literally it. Just put a cute picture or art work in it and you are done. This would also make for a great gift!

For the copper letter on top of the marble foil, you will need:

  • marble foil
  • frame
  • 2 pieces of cardboard (the size of your entire frame)
  • copper paint
  • paint brush
  1. Paste the marble foil onto the cardboard and cut it to the size of your frame
  2. Search online for a letter shape and if you found one that you like, print it in the size that you want your copper letter to be. Cut the letter out and with a pen, transfer the shape of the letter on the cardboard.
  3. With the brush, paint on the copper paint. Let it settle for a bit.
  4. Cut out the letter and paste it on your marble cardboard.

Done! I hope you enjoy these super fun marble and copper frames!

marble and copper frame

marble copper frame


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