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DIY Palette Bed

3. Juni 2016

Today I am showing you a really easy way to create your own, individual bed – entirely made out of palettes.  I hope you like my new diy palette bed!I wanted a new & cheap alternative to the standard IKEA beds as my old one began to be a little bit squeaky and was too big for my tiny bedroom anyways. It was actually my mom who gave me the idea of making my own diy palette bed because she had one too when she was a student like I am right now. So I sold my old IKEA bed on eBay and searched for cheap palettes on there as well. I found brand-new ones for like 10 bucks each, so I bought 4 of them. They got delivered two days later and were in perfect condition. The process of „building“ the bed could not be easier: I just placed them on the floor (make sure to lay some kind of fabric between the palettes and your wooden floor otherwise the palettes could scratch the wood!), put my duckboard and mattress on top and that is it! Just throw tons of cushions and blankets on top and you just made yourself a cosy spot in no time at all. Unfortunately, the palettes do not come with the two cute cats on top 😉

To make it even more cosy, I brought my Charles Eames look a like rocking chair into the bedroom as well. And to open up the room a little bit more as it is really tiny, I placed my large IKEA mirror on the wall as well. To complete the bedroom (for now at least) I made a cute little art print collage out of Etsy purchases as well as my own photos.



DIY Palette Bed DIY Palette Bed DIY Palette Bed DIY Palette Bed DIY Palette Bed DIY Palette Bed





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