How to create photo backgrounds

28. August 2015

There are endless possibilities to take photos. Here are a few valuable tips on how to create photo backgrounds in order to take that one beautiful shot that makes it on your blog.

1. Mix textures

Be brave and mix textures while taking your shots. Lay wood over a linen sheet. Buy some colorful tea towels for the next time you take photos of your food. Try out as many different textures as you can. Over the time you will get a feeling for which textures go well with one another. Flowers are also a great addition to a harmonic shot. Try out different flowers together and you will be left with a beautiful bouquet that compliments your photo subject. And it doesn’t have to look perfect. Distressed backgrounds look much more interesting without pulling the attention from the subject.

2. Mix and match color themes

With mixing different textures, try to remember as well that a shot appears much more “alive” when there are different colors to look at. You don’t have to put every color of the rainbow on one photo, but do try to incorporate a few colors that compliment each other. You have a beautiful white table and want to take a photo of your new marble bowl on it? That’s great! But white on white often looks a little bit sterile. Instead of just putting the bowl on the table, try to decorate with a few more colors (or even a different texture to break up the white!) I really think that nearly every color goes well with another as long as you don’t overdo it.

3. Make or buy your own backdrop

Textural backgrounds are great, they add such an interesting touch to your photo and they are often super easy to make. For my wooden backdrops I am currently using old wooden wine boxes that I ordered online. I paid 15€ for 5 boxes, that is a great deal! If you love a good old DIY project, you could get some planks of wood and some paint and make your own wooden backdrop. You can find a great tutorial on one of my favorite blogs, a beautiful mess, here.

photo background

photo background

photo background

photo background

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