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23. August 2015
blog organized

If you are a full time blogger or if you manage your blog besides your “real” job (or university), it is crucial to stay organized. Today I am sharing with you my tips on how to keep your blog organized.  Celebrate the little things is my second blog. To be honest, the first one didn’t work out because a) I wasn’t really committed to it and b) I wasn’t organized at all! This time is different. Being at the end of my bachelors degree I learned a few valuable tips on how to stay organized that are perfect for managing this blog too!

1. Make a blog schedule

This will help you on so many levels. It will keep you motivated to post regularly, you will have an overall overview over your next week of blogging and you can plan out your future blog content as efficiently as possible. The first step is to decide on what days you want to upload new blog posts. Don’t underestimate how time consuming a single blog post can be! So maybe don’t start with 7 blog post per week, especially when blogging isn’t your “real” job (yet!). Set a goal of maybe uploading 3 times per week at first and just look how it turns out in the end.

2. Find the perfect organizer device

There are so many great things to keep you organized. You just have to decide which one works best for you!

  • Notebooks – I always have a notebook in my purse, even when I am not planning on doing something blog related. It’s just very handy to always have a notebook in your purse, in case you get a good idea or just want to write something down real quick!
  • Agendas – It doesn’t have to be a luxury agenda like an Erin Condren (even though they are beautiful and I am really sad I cant get my hands on them here in Germany!). Start with a simple agenda and see how it turns out.
  • Calendar – Buy a bigger calendar for your wall, hang it up and start filling it in! Instead of buying a 2015 Calendar, I started doing something else: I bought a clipboard. Every week I write a to do list and then just clip it on there. And if I am feeling really creative, I am putting some cute little pictures on there too!
  • Apps – Recently, I discovered a few good organizer apps. Besides the classic IOS calendar app, I am using „Calendars“ and „Tasku“ at the moment. They help me to stay organized and making to do lists on a regular basis.

3. Take your time

I know the feeling – you want it all and you want it now. Especially in the beginning of blogging it can be overwhelming because you are thinking you have to put up as much content as possible. That’s not the case at all! Take your time off. Relax. Good content doesn’t develop out of stress. Your blog will grow soon enough. Just make sure to upload regularly and write about something that you love. Take your time and really learn about blogging, writing and taking great photos. It is all part of an exciting process and you don’t need to rush it. Enjoy it!

If you want to learn more about how to start a blog in the first place, you can click here.

blog organized

blog organized

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