How to start a blog

21. August 2015

Today I want to share with you a few of my tips on how to start your own blog. As a passionate blog reader (and now owner) I collected a few valuable elements on how to start a blog.

1. Make preparations

Before you even think about starting a blog, it is crucial to really prepare your future blog and the content that comes with it. How do you do that? Sit down, grab a pen and your favorite notebook and start taking notes or creating a mind map on what your blog should look like. Want to you want to write about? Make sure to list as many future topics that you want to blog about as you can. My list includes over 50 future blog topics that I would like to blog about. This way you made sure you wont run out of ideas for a while and you can really plan out your next weeks of blogging. Do you have a good camera? Great pictures are a key aspect to a blog and they are also the reason why future readers click on your blog post in the first place. So you need to make sure that you can fill your blog with high quality pictures. And don’t worry, you do not have to choose one specific picture style at the beginning. Just try everything out and over the time you will see, which style suits you the most.

Take your time!

2. Choose a name and a theme for your blog

Choose an original name for your blog that fits to your blog content and will draw attention to it. You don’t have to own your own domain at first, but I do suggest it as it looks more professional and isn’t that expensive at all (domains start at 5€ per year!) Do you have a blog name? Great. Now you have to find a beautiful theme for your blog. WordPress for example provides a ton of free themes that are beautiful, responsive, with a lot of great features. If you are willing to pay a little bit for your customizable theme or if you want a theme beside from the classic wordpress themes, here are a few great websites that create beautiful themes:

Personally I chose to invest around 35€ in my blog theme and I am so happy that I did. Not only is this theme customizable (it comes with a lot of color options, different fonts, widgets etc.), it also comes with a specific customer service that will answer any question you might have.

3. Make a blog schedule

I think it is really important to make a blog schedule in order to decide on which days you want to upload new blog posts. This way  your readers will know exactly when you will post your next blog post. Also, setting a blog uploading „goal“ can be really fun and challenging for yourself. Really try to stick to your plan. Also, if you have multiple categories to blog about (like food, beauty, lifestyle), try to alternate between these topics in your blog schedule. Don’t blog 4 weeks straight about beauty and then all of the sudden it is only about food. Try to stay diversified! I hope these tips gave you a better image on how to start a blog!


✔ Make a list with blog topics

✔Choose a creative blog name

✔Choose a fitting blog theme

✔Make a blog schedule


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