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Postcard Display DIY

17. Mai 2016
postcard display diy

I recently found a super cute online shop, , which sells amazing postcards, notebooks and cute stationary in general.
This gave me the idea to buy a postcard display for my flat. Unfortunately I only could find one postcard display on eBay, which had a horrific neon pink color. Yikes! But luckily I had white spray paint around so that I could simply paint the display white. It took three layers of paint to cover up the neon pink completely. This was done in no time, I think I did it in just over an hour. Just make sure to let the first layer dry completely and then spray on the next one. After that, I needed to decide where I wanted to hang the display. At first I thought of hanging it right above my desk but ultimately the rest of the wall looked a little bit too „naked“ for my taste. I decided to hang my andy warhol print above my desk instead and hanging the postcard display in the corner instead. Oh and at the moment I am adding more and more of black elements such as the Love What You Do Postcard because the display itself looked a little bit too „cute“ without a little bit of black. Also, I gave a few postcards to my little sister.

The service at was p-e-r-f-e-c-t. I had a few questions which were answered super quickly and I received my postcard only three days after ordering them. I am already planning on purchasing more, this time I have my eyes on their beautiful notebooks. Or more postcards as they would make a great gift too! I hope you enjoyed my postcard display diy!




postcard display diypostcard display diypostcard display diypostcard display diy

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