Work Bag Essentials.

8. Juni 2016

As I am working part-time at the moment in order to afford my academic studies, I thought it would be a good idea to share my work bag essentials with you! These things quickly became my absolute bag staples – whether I am working or not. Let’s start with the obvious: the bag. This Chloé Marcie bag is a great option, whether to use in your free time or as a professional work bag. Other than that this bag is absolutely gorgeous, it also has the perfect size to fit all my essentials in it. I keep my phone in the front pocket and everything else goes in the bag. My Tory Burch wallet was a gift and it is huge! I also have a smaller wallet but at the moment I quite enjoy the bigger one as it fits a lot. My mini lint roller is an absolut must have! I have two cats so you can imagine the amount of hairs… I also wear a lot of black so this roller comes in really handy just before I start working.  The mini perfume roller is from Vera Wang and is a great alternative to full size perfumes. Also, you can touch up your perfume really discreet in the office without making any spray noises! I also carry a mini deodorant with me at any time, cause who likes sweat, really? Other than my phone (and my new pink phone charger) I also have a pen with me all the time. Of course my office has its own but I prefer this one because I don’t get any hand/finger cramps with it, lol. My Chanel powder keeps me from getting shiny throughout the day and last but not least, my xxl paper-clips! These are honestly lifesavers if you have to deal with a lot of paperwork at the office. I hope you enjoyed my work bag essentials, let me know if you have any other!




work bag essentials work bag essentials work bag essentials

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